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Legendary is the author of several books including Moral Dilemma, Young Loc’s on the Westside, Dubie the Hustler, a Hip-Hop Love Story, Water the Bush, Professional Street Dance and several more critically acclaimed collector’s items. A frequent speaker at events and on radio shows, Legend has been featured in several notable magazines and newspaper articles.

Legendary’s writing styles and techniques are definitely original but he gives credit to the most popular storytellers of all time that inspired him to write, author Sidney Sheldon. Legendary says that, “when you emulate the best, and then obtain the knowledge from the actual source, once the mentor approves and clips the wings, there is no other alternative but to develop an original writing style if the instructions are followed properly. A master teacher requires that.”

Legend is a prolific writer in the genre affectionately called the Urban Experience. Legendary is a most sought-after writer in the world of African-American Publishing and didn’t even know it. Legend has it, no pun intended, that some of his cult followers and closest friends sent him vulgar emails, and even came to his home and demanded he released his material to the public. We will never know if that actually happened but we do know Legendary’s Novels are on fire and they’re about to blaze up! Legend is charismatic, marketable with believable sex appeal, and definitely fills that empty void of a Personality with flash in the quiet boring world of Book Publishing- bottom line his brand sells.

Legendary grew up in different parts throughout the Los Angeles area leaving his mark from Inglewood to West LA.  Legendary was raised by a single mother and grew up as an only child but not a lonely child.  Even though Legendary came from the stereotypical ghetto neighborhood with gangs, drugs, poverty, and prostitution his surroundings had no influence on his writing style at all.

“I lived in the hood, everybody knew me, I was an active participant in hood activities but it was never an event that made me say hey, ‘I want to write stories about these conditions one day and the ghetto where I live.’ That ain’t shit and too many lames do it. I write about people I meet that just happen to live in those areas. I won’t describe the scenery in my books too often but what the character is doing in the scene is very detailed.” Legendary first discovered his knack for wordplay when his 5th grade teacher intercepted a love letter he wrote to his sweetie. She sent the letter home to his Mom. Legend didn’t get in trouble for writing a seductive love letter at 10 years old. The teacher and his Mom were upset with him because they never had a man write them a letter worded so beautifully. Usually that’s when the adult steps up and notices the talent. Needless to say due to a bitter teacher that was lonely, Legend was never encouraged to continue his writing even though he had a special gift.

It wasn’t until 11 years later at 21 years old when Legendary was touring on the road dancing with his group the world famous Soul Brothers when Rapper Def Jef and CEO of Over the Edge Publishing Paul Stewart encouraged him to write novels. Legend took them serious. They believed in him. He immediately wrote two short gangster novels and was quickly labeled by his peers as the 2nd coming of D. Goines and Iceberg Slim and he didn’t even know who they were at the time or trying to wear that title. Legend continued to hone in on his craft over the years and waited patiently for the right time to release those beast, as he calls them. Legend’s writing style was too far ahead of the game when he first started out and he didn’t want to be a pioneer in two different professions.  The time is now.  Legend is about to rock the Book World like never before. You better get comfortable because this is where the journey gets Live!! Feel the Legendary Experience.

Legendary currently lives and works in Los Angeles where he serves as the Director of Operations for Go Beyond the G.A.M.E. Student Athlete Mentoring Program. He received is BA in Communications at Cal State University Dominguez Hills in Carson, and also works in the Post Production Field in the Television Industry. Legendary’s love for Fatherhood exceeds normality and he is immensely proud of his son, Jelani whom he raised as a single Dad. Legendary loves to root for his favorite football team the Baltimore Ravens, and continues to tour the world dancing with the Soul Brothers on the Golden Era of Hip Hop circuit. 


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